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Letter from the President

Dear Homeowners,
Summer is in full swing and the 4th of July has passed. I hope you and your family are enjoying the break from school. I certainly enjoy not having any traffic in the morning. Don’t tell anyone, but school starts back in a little less than a month.

The River Estates Home Owners Associations (HOA) Board of Directors have been very busy during the first 6 months of the year. We are proud of the fact that the pool has been a huge success, the swim team has completed another successful season, and an ADA compliant pool lift has been installed to allow better access for all of our swimmers. Also, we are looking forward to having a new dome cover the pool this fall because of our partnership with the Swim League. Other successes include improved landscaping, particularly around the clubhouse, barn and neighborhood entrances. Landscape lighting improvements in front of the neighborhood entrances look fantastic. Security cameras, internet and mosquito control services are being added to the barn and pool areas.

Of course not everything is perfect and we hear what our neighbors are saying. Buffer areas continue to be a source of concern, landscape lighting in neighborhood parks is damaged, General Wood Parkway and Franklin Ridge need some attention, and the buffer zone between Mitchell Park and William Few Parkway needs an improvement plan.
The Landscape Committee has looked at all of these areas and is working with the county, developer, and Perimeter Landscaping to devise both a short term and long term plan for improvement that stays within our budget, and without raising our dues. Staying within our budget is something I promised when I took this job, and I intend to keep that promise without jeopardizing the quality of our community.

I want to review our State Laws governing golf carts. Golf carts may only be driven on roadways with a posted speed limit of 35 MPH or less by licensed drivers 16 years of age or older. Children 12 years of age and older may drive on the health trails and paths with adult supervision. Please ensure that your children are obeying the traffic laws and driving safely. Anyone who sees a golf cart driving erratically or illegally can call the Columbia County Sheriff’s department to report it.  

River Estates is a safe and family oriented neighborhood with very little crime. In order to keep it that way I encourage you to lock your car doors and homes to discourage break-ins. Know where your children are and that they are respectful of the property and neighbors. 

Get out and meet your neighbors, see the neighborhood and the improvements we are making. I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

Larry Dibs, ldibs@hoa.com

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General Manager Report
Linda Smith, lsmith@hoa.com

Happy April Everyone! 
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Yard of the Month - Home of Rick & Kelly Cavana
3655 Crest Avenue in the Estates neighborhood...
Caring For Your Flag

As warmer weather approaches and we begin working in our yards and gardens, don’t forget to check you flag and see if it needs a little sprucing up as well.

Give your flag the attention it deserves. Watch the corners of your flag. If they begin to show signs of wear, they can be re-hemmed by trimming off the worn hem and running it along a sewing-machine—See your seamstress... This is acceptable alternative to save an otherwise perfect flag.
It is good practice to keep your flags clean. Keeping your flags free from dirt can greatly improve the flags life.

Dirt is sharp, it cuts fabric and it dulls colors and causes wear. Most outdoor flags can be washed in a mild detergent. Rinse them thoroughly.

Flags will literally explode—depending on the airspeed. A 300 Mile per hour gust, quite possible on top of a mountain or with a tall flagpole will shred a flag in seconds. 

When you hear a sharp, snapping sound, your flag is about to be toast. Don’t fly flags during wind speeds exceeding 50 Mph.

Rain will wash out the color on any flag. A heavy flag will also take a worse beating than one that is kept dry. Use your smarts... if it’s gray and windy, don’t fly the flag.

It is good practice to keep your flags clean. Keeping your flags free from dirt can greatly improve the flags life.

Dirt is sharp, it cuts fabric and it dulls colors and causes wear. Most outdoor flags can be washed in a mild detergent. Rinse them thoroughly.
Fourth Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale Set For The 18th
Fourth Annual 
Neighborhood Garage Sale
The Fourth Annual River Estates Garage Sale will be this Saturday the 18th. Here is the program:
  • The sale is Saturday, April 18 (one day only), officially 8 am – 4 pm (but you are free to change the time of your individual sale). 
  • Everyone is welcome to participate by having their own garage sale at their own house.
  • You can combine with neighbors if that benefits you and invite friends from outside the neighborhood to bring items to your sale.
  • There is no charge to participate.
  • We will provide advertising in the local papers.
  • We will deliver a "Garage Sale" sign to each home that is participating.
  • We will provide a website that includes a Google Map showing each home that is participating.
  • If you tell us what types of things you are selling in your sale, we will promote them in our marketing materials and on the website.
  • We will provide signage at the entrances to River Estates (as allowed by the HOA rules and regulations), but you can (should) provide your own directionals to get people to your home (again, as allowed by the HOA rules & regulations).
  • We will organize a "leftovers" pick-up by a worthy cause for those who want to donate whatever doesn't sell (the leftovers) in their sale.

In other words, we are organizing and promoting the event, and you can participate if you want to. This is a “rain or shine” event, and there’s no penalty for canceling at the last minute – we keep this fun and flexible.

We would like to ask three things of everyone reading this message:

First, if you’d like to participate, please send an email right now to Mitch Gorkin at mitch@gmail.net with the following information: 1) your name(s); 2) your street address; 3) your preferred email address; and 4) a statement that you would like to participate. 

Mitch will accumulate a list of people and email addresses for this year’s event (email is the primary method of communicating for the sale...calling by phone just gums up the works).

Second, please talk up this event amongst your friends and neighbors to generate maximum participation. The more homes participating, the better for everyone.

Third, if you have any additional suggestions or constructive criticism, please pass them along to Mitch via email.
Fourth of July Fireworks!
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  • Spring is in bloom

  • Summer is almost here.

  • Flowers at the Rick and Kelly Cavana home

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